Free your money

Instant, Secure, Private
No transfer fees
No bank account required
Step One: Get my SwiftCoin Wallet

SwiftCoin Club makes cash mobile

Person to Person Transfers
With no third parties or banks in between
SwiftCoin Club Tellers make it easy
To deposit and withdraw cash from the app

How it works


Deposit cash to the app through an SwiftCoin Club Teller - or add with your debit card


Instantly send any amount of money directly from the app to anyone in the world


Withdraw cash from the app via any SwiftCoin Club Teller

More money stays in your hands

Low transfer fees

Sending and receiving is free. You pay a small fee when you add or withdraw funds.


Our secure network ensures that senders' money will safely arrive to the recipient, every time. With no third party or bank involved in the funds transfer, every transaction is private.

Instant and Convenient

Money transfers happen within minutes, even in urgent situations like natural disasters. And with our growing network of Tellers, there's no need to travel long distances to withdraw money.

No bank account required

Using our network of Tellers to deposit and withdraw cash means no bank account is ever needed. And if you do have a bank and want to link your account, that's always an option.

No foreign exchange risk

Every digital cash deposit and transfer is converted into the recipient's home currency at the time of receipt. For transactions involving foreign exchange, the exchange rate is clearly displayed prior to sending.

Trusted tellers

Our Tellers are located in communities around the world. Just use the app to locate the nearest Teller, and view their hours, ratings and fees. Choose the teller most convenient for you.

Interested in becoming a Teller?

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SwiftCoin Club Tellers earn money by helping people deposit and withdraw cash through the SwiftCoin Club app

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